The World in a Different Light

The Photography club president has taken some photos using an infrared technique. Infrared is a type of light, a color almost like red but the human eye can’t see it. Infrared photography requires a filter that blocks everything out except the infrared light, like the light from the sun, and cameras aren’t designed to capture infrared light so you have to do long exposures with the camera on the tripod to effectively photograph with infrared lighting. Hopefully, next week the club will be able to try infrared photography and I will post the pictures in my blog post and on the Photography’s Flickr page. Until I have my own photos to show, I will show the club president’s photos and a few photos found on Pinterest. I have also posted helpful tips for how to create infrared photographs on my “Photography Tips and Tricks” page.


Photo taken by Tom Jordan at Great Falls, MD.


Photo taken by Tom Jordan at Brookside Gardens, MD.

Infrared is a really interesting technique. It is different than some of the other techniques, like Photoshop, that allow you to deliberately and carefully manipulate the photograph. Photoshop allows you to change the picture after it has already been taken, and you can completely change the perception of the photograph if you choose to. Infrared is a little different because you can completely change the perception of reality, but you do not really have control over changing what the photograph looks like after you take the photo. You are really presented with this alternate reality photograph, rather than changing and altering the photograph yourself through a computer program.

I really enjoy using Photoshop because it allows you to make a photograph look more exactly the way you want it to. While infrared, creates this suspense of not knowing what the photo will exactly look like until the photo is actually taken. There are many different ways to make a photograph look infrared, so to some extent you can predict what the photo will look like after you experiment with the different techniques, but there is still this specialty in the way that you can really manipulate reality by just taking a photograph with a different lens. Photographs always manipulate reality because they are capturing one instant in time, and based on one person’s perspective of reality. However, infrared can give a photographer more control over what they want reality to look like. Infrared, to me, looks like a cool sci-fy movie or this alternate reality on a different planet, and I think it’s great that reality can be changed so much. We go through life, with mostly just our own perspective in life. One way to change or enlighten our own perspectives is by talking to people with different perspectives, and infrared is one way to really change someone’s current perspective of photography or even make yourself view reality in a different way.


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